The Catalyst for Entrepreneurial Success

Catalyst2There’s an infinite number of great ideas out there. Millions of people have big financial hopes and dreams. There are a lot of people who can talk about their concept or idea with great conviction and enthusiasm—or about how they could improve an entire industry with their unique insight and experience.

But for all of the millions of ideas, concepts, and plans only a small number of them ever materialize.

Consider two of the most vital ingredients of any business endeavor—in fact these ingredients apply to any worthwhile objective that we choose to pursue.

The first is risk and the second is persistence. They’re the catalyst for entrepreneurial success.

When I was a teenager I shaped and glassed my own surfboards. I became very familiar with the process of solidifying fiberglass using a mixture of resin and catalyst. In order to create a bucket full of solution that would cover the entire surfboard, I would add several cups of standard marine resin and just about a tablespoon of catalyst. That tablespoon made all the difference—though just a small amount, it was the key ingredient that caused the entire mixture to eventually solidify into a hard fiberglass finish.

Risk and Persistence are solidifying ingredients, like catalyst, that will help any great plan actually come to life.

The trouble though, is that many people are either paralyzed by the potential costs of taking risks and choose to avoid something potentially great altogether, or after taking a risk lack the patience and tenacity, the Persistence, that’s required to see something to the finish line. In a sense, they throw in the towel prematurely.

To rise above the sea of great ideas that remain just as they are, take risks and be persistent. It’s a proven recipe for success.

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