Is Your Self-Talk Helping or Hurting You?

Jim CarreyAs an avid runner I place a high value on the intimate conversations I have with myself while logging miles. It’s a great time to think, reflect, ponder, pray and yes, talk to myself about life.

Everyone has their own time and place for self-talk. For some it’s more conscious than for others. But the fact is, we’re constantly feeding our minds with positive or negative thoughts, ideas, hopes, or fears about whatever’s relevant in our life.

It’s ironic that each of us wants wonderful things to happen in our lives but usually spend more time doubting, worrying, and dwelling on exactly what we don’t really want. I don’t know why we lean towards that type of negative self-talk.

Here’s what I do know; if we make a concerted effort to work toward and dwell on what we do want, hope for wonderful things, expect that they will occur, and choose to be happy despite our obstacles, we’ll be much more joyful and we’ll eventually get what we seek. It’s the truth.

Comedian Jim Carrey once explained his own experience with specific, positive self-talk.

He explained, “When I wasn’t doing anything in this town, I’d go up every night, sit on Mulholland Drive, look out at the city, stretch out my arms, and say, ‘Everybody wants to work with me. I’m a really good actor. I have all kinds of great movie offers.’ I’d just repeat these things over and over, literally convincing myself that I had a couple of movies lined up. I’d drive down that hill, ready to take the world on, going, ‘Movie offers are out there for me, I just don’t hear them yet.’ It was like total affirmations, antidotes to the stuff that stems from my family background.”

Lucky for him, he didn’t pay attention to the negativity of his family background and chose to affirm his success instead.

I’d say it worked out pretty well for Jim Carrey.

Why not you, too?

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