Avoid Paralysis of Analysis

ParalysisWe’re flooded with information.

Lot’s of it piques interest but eventually you simply get stuck staring at it all… “Is this the right thing to do next, or is that the right thing?”

That’s Paralysis of Analysis! And before you know it, hours, days, even weeks can go by and you’re still stuck in the exact same place—nowhere.

The truth is, analyzing information creates a feeling of productivity and it creates the illusion of progress when it’s really just another insidious form of procrastination.

So, here are some important tips that can help you bust out of Paralysis of Analysis:

Tip #1: Unsubscribe from those unnecessary lists, set inbox rules, and find an expert who can answer your questions quickly. Limit your information influx and you’ll have a lot less stuff to analyze!

Tip #2: Don’t over-think your business, keep it simple. I don’t mean to oversimplify things here, but remember that building a marketing plan around your business consists of a few key concepts—a validated “niche” idea, a strong and effectively written offer/message, a proven strategy for building your own list or distribution, and the ability to execute the plan. So, focus on grabbing insight on those key concepts but don’t get sucked into spending hours and hours analyzing every possible approach to doing these things—pick a technique, confirm it with a coach or expert—then Get To Work!

Tip #3: Get To Work! That’s right, nothing moves you out of being stuck in paralysis quicker than getting moving…just start doing it! You’ll learn more and gain expertise faster than you can by reading more stuff and “thinking about” it. In the words of those killer athletes over at Nike, “Just Do It!”

Analyze yourself for a minute. Are you spending more time studying and contemplating information more than you’re actually doing real work? If so, you’re stuck in Paralysis of Analysis.

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