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Jeff Chavez of Sunray Industries, Authentic Development

Born and raised in southern California, Jeff Chavez grew up as a sun-bleached surfer. At the age of fourteen he started his first business shaping surfboards and selling them out of his parent’s garage.

Since that time Jeff Chavez has applied the entrepreneurial instincts of persistence, flexibility, creativity, innovation and communication while launching a series of innovative companies and corporate initiatives.

Jeff Chavez has had the privilege of helping large organizations and dedicated professionals learn and apply the leadership principles and entrepreneurial instincts that have been the driving force behind centuries of growth, innovation, and success.

In 1999, just 26 years old, Jeff Chavez raised $10mm from venture capitalists for a supply-chain and logistics technology company, DispenseSource. He served as CEO over the next 5 years and learned to lead under the intense pressure of a venture-backed start-up.

In the many years since its launch, DispenseSource, now called MarginPoint http://www.marginpoint.com/ , has disrupted and innovated the way that industrial supplies are distributed to manufacturing floors throughout the world.

While CEO, Jeff Chavez was responsible for leading the licensing, patent strategy, design, and manufacturing of an advanced inventory dispensing technology. In what became a tough uphill slog, Jeff led the launch of automated dispensing technology into the industrial marketplace by deploying a distribution strategy that aligned their young company with the largest industrial suppliers in the world, and won credibility through exceptional training, operations, and support teams.

Over the last 20+ years Jeff Chavez has been invited to speak at venture capital, technology, and management conferences throughout the world. Jeff has authored many articles in a variety of publications and this breadth of experience led him to launch Authentic., a Professional Development Firm, www.authenticdev.com , in 2014. As Managing Partner, Jeff Chavez brings decades of effective teaching and speaking experience as well as a first-hand perspective as an entrepreneurial CEO over 2 decades.

Through Authentic., Jeff Chavez teaches dynamic experience-based trainings in Organizational Transformation, Change, Multipliers, Team Leadership, Agility, Innovation, Strategy and a variety of customized courses to some of the most respected companies in the world.

Clients of Jeff Chavez and Authentic., include the likes of Standard Bank of South Africa, software giant SAP of Germany, and US stalwarts Walmart, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, CitiGroup, among others.

Jeff Chavez, The Three Disciplines, How to Build Great Organizations
The Three Disciplines, How to Build Great Organizations, by Jeff Chavez

Jeff’s unique experience led to the formation of Sunray Industries in 2017, giving institutional investors an alternative approach to early stage investing.


Jeff Chavez has appeared as a regular business analyst on national media outlets and he is currently writing the forthcoming book, The Three Disciplines


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Jeff Chavez on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffchavez71/